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Project Inspire recruits and trains residents to be effective teachers with a full year clinical apprenticeship under a mentor teacher, coursework with a university partner leading to a Master's degree and teaching license, and training on culturally responsive pedagogy from Project Inspire staff. Residents are then prepared and committed to teach 4 years at a high-need Hamilton County School to ensure that every student has a great teacher who is committed to them.

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About Us

Project Inspire Teacher Residency started with the mission that every student deserves an excellent teacher. In 2011, the first cohort set out to carry the mission. Now, we are in our 13th cohort with over 130 alumni teaching not only in Hamilton County, TN, but all over the United States.  At least 1/3 of the Project Inspire graduates in Hamilton County Schools are now serving in some sort of leadership capacity, whether at the department, school, district, or state-wide level.

Meet The Team


Mark Neal


Dr. Edna Varner

Lead Residency Coach

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Intan McCartt

Recruitment and Operations Manager


Joni Martin

Programs Coordinator

The Impact

We believe in the teacher residency model because it works. Through surveys given by the National Center for Teacher Residencies, principals, clinical instructors, and residents state that Project Inspire graduates are prepared, committed, and effective, ready from day one

Cohort 11 Lee Graduation
Cohort 11 Graduation
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