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Project Inspire believes in the residency model to train and prepare teachers so that they are ready from day one. During the residency year, teacher residents will learn to be an effective teacher in a high-need school with support and coaching from their Clinical Instructor and Project Inspire staff.

Residents spend a full year apprenticeship with a Clinical Instructor (mentor teacher) in a gradual release model.


Residents will have on-going training in how to teach for equity. 


Residents earn a Master's degree and licensure with a university partner.

Master's Degree

Residents receive feedback and coaching throughout the residency year.


As AmeriCorps service members, residents earn a stipend and health insurance during the residency year.


Residents have support from PI staff, fellow cohort members, and network of graduates.




Choose to invest in a city where the "can-do" attitude of its citizens helped remake Chattanooga from an industrial hub to the best mid-sized city in America. Rivers and mountains make it the perfect outdoor playground while gigabit internet speeds brought the tech infrastructure and innovation to support both big business and startups alike. Urban education is Chattanooga's next challenge and full of opportunity. Come join us in the Scenic City.

Davenport Headshot.jpg

Chandler Davenport, Cohort 9 graduate

History teacher at The Howard School

2022-2023 Hamilton County Schools High School Teacher of the Year

"Initially, I didn't think that I would be a teacher at all. Project Inspire did a really good job of putting me with a good Clinical Instructor who helped me thrive. I like that they prepared a different kind of teacher. "

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