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Find Your Future. Change Your World.

Be the teacher they deserve

Students deserve highly-effective and compelling teachers.

Project Inspire graduates view failure as a step toward success,  make their students feel understood and cared for, and  bring energy and joy to the classroom. 

Students deserve teachers who are able to do their best work. 

You will work with your mentor teacher to deliver lessons that excite you and engage your students. With your attention focused on students, the professors at Lee University and the Project Inspire staff will guide you down the path to your graduate degree and licensure. 

Students deserve teachers who want to make a difference.

Graduates are hired in clusters so that they push each other to greater heights and have an in-house support system. As this network of educators grows, so does your impact.

Every student deserves a great teacher - regardless of their zip code. 

Why a residency program?

Earn a tuition-free Masters of Arts in Teaching + teaching license in 14 months

Full year apprenticeship with a great teacher

Residents learn with each other and from each other

Ongoing support and leadership development, with additional support throughout the four years of your commitment

Receive a living stipend throughout the entire residency

Live in Chattanooga - a progressive, smart, outdoor city

More than one way to make a


Support the future of hamilton county.

When you support teachers, you change the lives of children who will change the world.

Make an Impact. Donate to Project Inspire.

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  • In the special purpose form, type Project Inspire .
  • Enjoy the feeling of contributing to the future of Hamilton County!

Calling All Majors

You don’t need a bachelor’s degree in education to teach!

Here’s what we look for in a Project Inspire resident.


  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75

  • Four year bachelor’s degree from an accredited university

  • Commitment to teach 4 years in a Hamilton County high-need school

  • US Citizenship or permanent residency



Download the expanded details
Submit resume, unofficial college transcripts, and references
Interview with the Project Inspire staff and attend Selection Weekend

Why Chattanooga?

choose to invest in a city that…

Choose to invest in a city where the "can-do" attitude of its citizens helped remake Chattanooga from an industrial hub to the best mid-sized city in America. Rivers and mountains make it the perfect outdoor playground while gigabit internet speeds brought the tech infrastructure and innovation to support both big business and startups alike. Urban education is Chattanooga's next challenge and full of opportunity; will you join us?

Be Inspired: Meet Our Residents

Ella Bonah

"I realized -  I’m just one person. So I could do what I want to do with math and make a small impact. But as a teacher, I have the power to encourage lots of other people to see the beauty in it, and through them, make a much larger impact.”

Ella Bonah,
Project Inspire graduate and second-year math teacher at East Ridge Middle School
Jonathan Ramirez

“I was so nervous before the first day of school, but I don’t think I will be next year because I’m getting an entire year of practice. Practice makes you better and more comfortable with a job – and its something you get a lot of with Project Inspire.”

Jonathan Ramirez,
Project Inspire resident at East Side Elementary

What will your impact be?

When Anthony Zermeno stepped into the classroom on the first day of his residency year, he was terrified. “I felt chills going down my back. But I really believe that fear was an indication that I was exactly where I needed to be.”


Now in his first year of teaching, Zermeno sees himself being committed to his school and students long term. Of the teachers who have graduated from Project Inspire, approximately 70% are still teaching.

You can be the teacher students in Hamilton County deserve.

Start your application today!

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